VIP Experiences

Get even closer

Do something really different and take a trip into the magical wild world of Woburn Safari Park on a VIP Experience. Get up close to your favourite animals, see where they live or help keepers with daily feeds.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself, or a family member to celebrate an anniversary or a special birthday - a VIP Experience is the perfect memorable day out for the animal lover in your life. 




Elephant Encounter

Come face-to-face with the female Asian elephants, including adorable juvenile Tarli, when you book an unforgettable Elephant Encounter.

Spend time in their enchanting company and walk alongside the herd, with no barriers between you!

Big Cat Breakfast

Go behind-the-scenes with an experienced keeper before the Park opens to help feed the big cats.

You'll learn all about the African lions and Amur tiger species, their individual characters, threats to their species in the wild, and what we're doing to help protect them. 

Safari Off Road Adventure

Journey through the Safari Reserves in a VIP Land Rover with an experienced guide, taking you amazingly close to the magnificent animals as you gain a great insight into life at Woburn Safari Park.

Giraffe Encounter

Meet the herd of majestic Rothschild's giraffes face-to-face in this unforgettable VIP experience with the tallest animals at the Park as you learn all about the species, and offer them some tasty leaves to eat.

Up Close Encounter with an Amur tiger

Go face-to-face with Minerva, a female Amur tiger, in this unforgettable up-close encounter.

You'll go off-road to meet the Park's beautiful Amur tiger and get to know all about her as an individual, plus plenty of amazing information about the species as a whole from your expert guide.

Up-close encounter with the rhinos

Get to know the crash at Woburn Safari Park in this amazing up-close encounter with the rhinos. 

Your dedicated tour guide will take you to meet female rhinos Mirijam, Mkuzi and Bonnie, as well as male Kei, in this incredible VIP encounter.

Up close encounter with the lions

Your dedicated tour guide will take you off-road to meet the pride in this thrilling up-close encounter with the lions.

Get to know the 10-strong pride of African lions and find out all about these amazing big cats in your 30-minute VIP encounter.

VIP Experience Gift Vouchers

Buy a VIP Experience Gift Voucher and we'll send out a lovely gift pack by post, either to you or the address of your lucky gift recipient. Vouchers can be redeemed within 12 months of purchase for the specified experience.

VIP Safari Adventure
Gift Voucher

This VIP Safari Adventure gift voucher gives your lucky recipient an amazing 90 minute guided tour of the wild animal reserves in a VIP Land Rover. Create magical wild memories at the park.

Up Close Giraffe Encounter
Gift Voucher


An incredibly close encounter with the charismatic giraffe herd. Redeem this gift within 12 months for a 30 minute experience, including park admission.