Tickets and Booking Questions


Tickets are available to book online in advance. You can use our secure site to purchase tickets, print your email order confirmation and bring it with you on arrival.  If you don't have a printer, simply make a note of the ZY order reference number or show it on your phone.

Online tickets must be made at least one hour before arrival on the day of your visit. Click here to book online now!

- Numbers are strictly limited, each date will be first come, first served.

  • Tickets are only available to book online and are now per person. 
  • You'll select a date, then the website will show you availability for visit dates and arrival times to choose from. 
  • You must book an arrival time but you can stay until the Park's closing time.
  • We are limiting the number of customers allowed into the park each day. This means that popular weekend and holiday dates will book up quickly.
  • Please make sure you double-check your booking carefully before you checkout and pay, it's easy to book the wrong date, especially when booking on a mobile device.

- You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your visit date, this is your proof of purchase. If you arrive at the park without your booking confirmation email with your reference, you may be refused entry.  

Can I pay on arrival?

Yes you can purchase a ticket on the gate, on arrival at the park. However, on busy days (Summer, Easter and school holidays) this does not guarantee entry, so it is always better to buy a ticket in advance. 

What tickets are available?

For full ticket information and prices please take a look at our ticket page here.

Tickets are valid for admission to the full park, including the Road Safari, Foot Safari, and Leisure Area.

What do Safari Day Tickets include?

Safari Park Day Tickets include admission to the Road Safari, Foot Safari, and all free leisure attractions

What do Safari Saver Tickets include?

Safari Saver Tickets include:

  • Admission to the Road Safari and Foot Safari
  • All free leisure attractions
  • A guidebook and bottle of water on arrival
  • A meal and drink in one of two great restaurants at the Park

Why can I only buy tickets up to a certain date?

We are currently only releasing tickets in small batches, in case of any restrictions being put back in place by the Government. This enables us to react quickly to the current situation if necessary.

When will the next tickets go on sale?

We will aim to have the new ticket dates on sale around 10-14 days before the current date period ends.

We will post announcements about each ticket release on our social media and our website.

Can I buy concessionary disabled tickets?

Please buy tickets online in advance. Disabled and Carer tickets are each valid for one disabled PLUS one carer.

If you require an additional carer or you have an additional disabled individual in your vehicle, you can pay for the extra carer on arrival (subject to proof a second carer is required, and/or proof of disability for each individual).

Proof should be supplied to the cashier on arrival, in the form of a blue badge, PIP or DLA letter, or a letterhead communication from a registered care home. We also accept the Access Card (sometimes referred to as the CredAbility Card or a Nimbus Card).

To buy other ticket types online, click on Continue Shopping to return to the ticket categories, to select the relevant options.


If you don't have a printer, you can activate your tickets and download them to your phone/device and scan them from there.

Or we can look up your ticket by using your ZY booking reference. This may slow down the transaction time at the gate.  


Sorry, these are not currently available. These discounts will be reviewed and may be reintroduced later on. 

Safari Park Questions

What areas of the Park are open?

The entire Road Safari, as well as most areas in the Foot Safari and Leisure Area are now open.

Please note the following restrictions: 

- We are not currently allowing visitors to feed the birds in Rainbow Landing

- All visitors over the age of 3 years MUST wear a mask into the Land of Lemurs, with no exceptions. This is on vets advice as lemurs are vulnerable to Covid-19.

The Safari Restaurant is open for takeaway and seated indoor dining.

Please check our opening times for the dates the park plans to be open (subject to Government restrictions)

What safety precautions are in place to keep me safe?

Click here to read all about the strict safety guidelines and practices in place at the park, keeping you safe throughout your day. 

Are there any restrictions at the Safari Park?

  • No pets or dogs are permitted into the Safari Park and kennel facilities are not provided. Assistance dogs are only allowed to enter very limited areas of the Safari Park and may not enter the Road Safari or any animal enclosures in the Foot Safari. For more details of the Assistance Dogs policy click here 
  • During your visit to the park please do not feed the animals, they are all given specially formulated diets and you could make them sick. If you are caught feeding the animals, you may be asked to leave the park and no refunds will be payable
  • Soft tops and convertibles are allowed into the Safari Park. However there are restrictions - they cannot enter Tigers, Bears & Wolves, Lion Park, or the African Forest, home to the Barbary macaque monkeys. Standard admission applies. 
  • The Park is a nonsmoking area and smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Woburn estate
  • No motorbikes or barbeques are allowed in the park

Full terms and conditions, and rules of entry can be found here. 

How long do people spend in the park?

The Road Safari can take around 60-90 minutes to complete and then you can enjoy the Foot Safari at your leisure.  Our visitor research surveys show that most visitors will spend around 3-5 hours at the park in total.  

You are welcome to stay all day until we close the park.  You can find all the information and opening and closing times you need in the Visitor Information Leaflet

Vehicle Restrictions

What cars are permitted in the Park? 

When visiting Woburn Safari Park you MUST travel around the Park in your own vehicle. Transport will not be provided unless you are taking a VIP Tour.

Soft tops and convertibles are allowed in the Safari Park. However there are restrictions - this type of vehicle cannot enter Kingdom of the Carnivores or the African Forest for safety reasons. Standard admission applies. For a full list of the vehicle restrictions, please visit this page


Soft tops and convertibles are permitted in the Safari Park, however there are restrictions; they cannot enter the Kingdom of the Carnivores (home to the lions, bears, wolves and tigers) or the African Forest (home to the Barbary macaque monkeys and Eastern Mountain Bongo). Standard admission still applies.


Bikes are not permitted on vehicles within the Park, however, you
are able to leave them at the entrance and collect them later. Bike racks are permitted to stay on vehicles, however, this is at your own risk.


We do permit commercial vans in the Safari Park, however, we do not allow
ladders attached unless firmly secured and the ticket lane staff may ask to see inside the back of the van.


Pickups and flatbed vans are permitted in the Safari Park; however, the
bed of the van must be completely empty.

Mini-buses are permitted in the Safari Park and if there are 15 or more paying individuals on board you may be eligible for a group discount. Please be advised that vehicles will be asked to stop at the exit of the African Forest for a keeper to check for animals.


Coaches are permitted in the Safari Park, if there are 15 or more paying individuals on board you may be eligible for group discount. Please be advised that vehicles will be asked to stop at the exit of the African Forest for a keeper to check for animals.


Double decker buses are permitted to enter the Safari Park and if there are
15 or more paying individuals on board, you may be eligible for group discount. Please be advised that vehicles will be asked to stop at the exit of the African Forest for a keeper to check for animals.

All vehicles entering the Park must be in good condition with no broken or smashed glass that might harm the animals.

Existing Ticket Holders

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

If you require a refund please email us to info@woburnsafari.co.uk with your ZY booking reference. This request must be from the individual who booked. We regret that we cannot refund your booking for reasons of inclement weather, Woburn Safari Park is an all weather attraction.  

We will be happy to process a refund within 30 days of your original purchase, for reasons of illness or unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending.  Please give us as much notice as possible.

In respect of all cancelled bookings a £2.99 per transaction will be deducted for transaction and administration costs.

We are unable to issue refunds or transfer visit dates on or after the visit date you are booked for. 

Can I amend my booking?

Once purchased via the online booking facility, your admission ticket is valid for the date selected and specified on your booking. Should you need to change your visit date for ill health or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact us at info@woburnsafari.co.uk and the team will review your request. 

We are unable to issue refunds or transfer visit dates on or after the date the tickets are booked for. 

What happens if it is raining on the date of my pre-booked visit?

We regret that we cannot refund your booking for reasons of inclement weather.

Covid-19 & Lockdown Questions

I already had a ticket booked before the Park closed, what will happen to my ticket?

If you had a booking that you couldn't use due to lockdown / park closure between November 2020 and March 2021, then we gave you the option to credit the cost of your booking, against a new booking to visit (valid up to the 31st July 2021).

All customers were sent an email with a coupon code and instructions on how to make a booking for a new visit date.

Safari Drive tickets were initially valid to change for a new ticket before the 30/06/2021 and this is further extended to 31st July 2021.

What happens if the park has to close, due to lockdown or Covid restrictions?

Your booking will be valid for use on another date. Customers will either receive a coupon code to use for a new booking (within the following 3-6 months) or will be able to request a refund, where you are within 30 days of the original purchase. 

I have a voucher that has expired during the 2021 lockdown, is it still valid?

Unused third party vouchers (Kids Pass, HASSRA, etc), Gift Admission tickets, Complimentary tickets, Charity donations or Prize Winner tickets that expired at the end of 2020 will be valid to 30/06/2021. This date was extended to 31st July 2021.

You must either email info@woburnsafari.co.uk or call 01525 290407 to book a new visit date (your new booking is only valid, when you present your voucher or complimentary pass on arrival).  

You may not be permitted to enter the park without a new booking, as visitor numbers are strictly limited each day, for safety reasons.

I have a Disabled & Carer ticket that I couldn't use due to the lockdown. How can I rebook?

Please email us via info@woburnsafari.co.uk with the following details to rebook (subject to availability):

- Booking reference of your original booking
- Name and Email on the original booking
- Date and arrival time of new visit date

Alternatively, you can call 01525 290407 and a member of the Admissions Team will be able to change your visit date to a new one, subject to availability.

These tickets are valid to rebook until the extended date of 31st July 2021.

I have a Fog / Snow / Bad Weather return flyer that has expired. Is this still valid?

Flyers issued over November 2020 to January 2021 are valid to redeem as a credit against a new booking.

If your original booking was for a Road Safari Drive vehicle ticket, this is valid to redeem against a new booking for up to three people, for admission to Woburn Safari Park (with the park fully open with the Road Safari, Foot Safari and Leisure Area).

You must either email info@woburnsafari.co.uk or call 01525 290407 to book a new visit date (your new booking is only valid, when you provide your bad weather flyer on arrival).  

You can rebook until the extended date of 31st July 2021.