Alpaca stares into camera while the rest of the herd is blurred in the background against some trees and grass

importantRules of the Park

Please read this important information to help plan your day
A young North American black bear cub at Woburn Safari Park

Safari Park general rules

  • Once you have purchased your ticket. Please enter the park through the Ridgmont village gate - the postcode for your Sat Nav is MK43 0TU
  • A patrol driver will be at the entrance to the Woburn estate, to ensure only ticket holders are allowed entry
  • No pets, dogs or BBQs are permitted on-site and please refrain from littering
  • The Park operates a strictly no smoking policy throughout
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • No drones are permitted to be flown on site, for animal welfare 
  • Please do not block any of the gates as you drive around the Park
  • Anyone behaving in an offensive or unsafe manner will be asked to leave.
Two giraffes enjoy the summer sun

Road Safari Rules

  • Windows and doors must be kept closed at all times in the Road Safari. Do not get out of your vehicle at any time before you reach the the Leisure Area car parks
  • It is ESSENTIAL for your safety to keep windows and doors closed throughout the Kingdom of Carnivores. 
  • DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS - feeding the animals is bad for their health and any visitors seen feeding will be asked to leave the Park and no refund will be given
  • The entrance to the Road Safari closes around one hour before the park closing time when all vehicles must exit the park - see opening times for more details
  • In case of a breakdown or an emergency, sound your horn and flash your lights to get the attention of the keeper on patrol


Image of lorikeet

Foot Safari Rules

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Foot Safari 
  • Please use the available anti-viral hand gel stations after you use any of the gates or door handles in the Foot Safari.  
  • Rainbow Landing is now open for visitors, but it is not currently possible to feed the lorikeets
  • We recommend that visitors wear face coverings in any indoor areas within the Park