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Animal enrichment gifts

Black and white ruffed lemurs play with enrichment hanging from suspended rope

Buy a gift for the animals 

Have you ever wanted to buy a gift for the animals at Woburn Safari Park? Now you can!

Enrichment plays a big part of the animals' lives at the Park.

Our dedicated teams of keepers have put together a brilliant range of enrichment items which are available for you to purchase for animals across the Park.

Choose from puzzle feeders, rope balls, foraging toys, and much more for animals across the Park.

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African Lioness plays with and peeks out from behind brown sack
A California sea lion at Woburn Safari Park using some ball and rope enrichment

What is enrichment?

Enrichment is an important part of daily life for animals
living at Woburn Safari Park.

It comes in many forms - from physical, sensory or food-based
but each one encourages the animals to demonstrate their
natural behaviours and provides them with both physical
and mental stimulation.

A North American black bear lies back in a firehose hammock enrichment item at Woburn Safari Park

How to buy a gift for the animals

If you would like to give the animals at Woburn Safari Park a gift, our Enrichment Wish List is an easy way for you to do just that!

Simply scroll through the wishlist here and add an item to your basket - just like you would with your regular shopping. The item will then be delivered directly to Woburn Safari Park for the animals.  

Your purchase will be used to provide further animal enrichment, care, enclosure maintenance and more. Don't forget to include your name and email address so that we can send you a thank you!

Remember to keep an eye out on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for enrichment updates and pictures of some of the items donated in use.

Please note. Supplier prices are correct as of time of publication. 

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