Two rhinos graze on grass against backdrop of logs and trees

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A wild driving experience

Start your UK safari adventure at Woburn Safari Park in the sweeping parkland reserves, where you'll see wonderful wild animals with the freedom to roam in acres and acres of the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside.

The Road Safari drive takes approximately 60-90 minutes and you can repeat the circuit as many times as you like because each circuit is a new experience. 

Park for free and continue your adventure in the Foot Safari and Leisure Area, where you'll find animal enclosures with exotic and aquatic species and plenty of fun outdoor activities - all included in your ticket price.

Who lives at Woburn Safari Park?

Big Adventures for Little Explorers

See their little faces as they experience the wonders of nature during your safari drive adventure. 

Check out these visitor photos and see for yourself how our smallest guests have enjoyed their big adventures.

Woburn Safari Park's drive-through Road Safari takes you a windscreen width away from magnificent wild animals including rhinos, giraffes, bears, monkeys, tigers, and lions during your day out.

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Toddler reads safari guidebook page about sable antelope in car with sable antelope outside window in road safari
Toddler placing hands on car window glass with black bear outside window sitting in green bushes
Man holds baby on lap to look out of window at lion in road safari, with trees and other cars in the distance
Toddler holds stuffed bunny toy and looks out car window at zebra grazing in road safari
Baby points to cattle grazing in road safari from inside car window, a row of cars line up in the distance
Little girl looks out car window at two rhino and two zebra grazing in the road safari with trees in the distance
Young boy places hand up on glass car roof where barbary macaque monkey sits, with trees above them
Female tiger stares and walks towards camera in bushes and reeds

before youstart your adventure

- The park is only accessible in your own vehicle (no open top, cabriolet cars, bicycles or motorbikes are permitted, and you can't enter on foot). Click here for directions or use MK43 0TU in your satnav.

- Purchase tickets online or at the gate. 

- Admission tickets are for timed arrival sessions, but don't worry if you're a little late. 

No pets or dogs are allowed in the park, so please don't bring them with you! 

- TOP TIP: The best way to see all the animals in the Foot Safari is by watching the daily keeper talks and demonstrations

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