Road Safari

Park Closure

Temporary Park Closure

The Park is temporarily closed due to Government restrictions, for the lockdown in England. 

Please be assured that if you have purchased a ticket for a visit date that you weren't able to use, we can easily change your tickets for a later visit date, to use when the Park re-opens. 

If you have a VIP Experience booked, then the dedicated team will be in touch with you as soon as it is possible to rearrange this with you. If you have any questions please email and please include a contact telephone number.

If you are an Annual Pass holder, you will be entitled to an extension to your pass, for the period of time the park is closed.  

Woburn Safari Park will continue to prioritise our animal residents throughout any period of lockdown, with the dedicated team of keepers on site, providing their usual high levels of care and husbandry.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

A wild driving experience


Start your adventure with a Road Safari drive through sweeping parkland reserves, where you'll see wonderful wild animals with the freedom to roam in acres and acres of beautiful countryside

You can repeat circuits as many times as you like because each trip around is a different experience. You'll see the wonderful animal residents; they might be a windscreens width away or a little more distant, enjoying their vast spacious home

The Road Safari takes approximately 60-90 minutes and each circuit is a new experience and a new opportunity to get up close to some of the most endangered animals on the planet!

The route finishes up in the Leisure Area where toilets are available and the Safari Restaurant is serving delicious take away food options.

Then head back to the car and repeat the Road Safari circuit via the re-entry route (look for the flagpole in the concrete car park) as many times as you like! 

Lets Go!

Northern Plains

Entry to the Woburn estate takes you through beautiful woodland and parkland and a winding route to the ticket lanes. From the entry gate in Ridgemont village your safari drive takes you through the Northern Plains.

Drive through wide open paddocks containing a diverse mix of animals, giving you a taste of the adventures to come.

Spot the 'Lions of the Empire' - two fearsome statues guarding the entrance to the Safari Park reserves. These are two of the six original lions which stood in front of H.M Govt Pavillion at the British Empire Exhibition in London, 1924.

The Northern Plains are home to Przewalski's horse, North American bison and Bactrian camel.


Savannah Grasslands

Through the ticket lanes with your guidebook, map and timetable in hand and it's time to buckle up and start your safari drive, through the sweeping panoramic parkland of the Road Safari.

Drive through the home of a herd of Ankole cattle with their impressive horns, see the extraordinary Southern white rhinos grazing, and enjoy the vistas of the African savannah - teeming with antelope and buffalo.

The Savannah Grasslands is home to Southern white rhino, Grevy's zebra, ostrich, brindled wildebeestAnkole Cattledwarf forest buffaloelandand sable antelope.


Kingdom of the carnivores

Enter through the double security gates into the domain of tigers, wolves, bears and lions!  Please make sure to shut all windows and keep them closed in this part of the safari drive.

As you arrive in the Kingdom of Carnivores you enter an eight acre enclosure, home to Amur Tigers. These stripey felines enjoy a specially adapted habitat where they'll be seen sleeping on their platforms, or in the warmer months spending time bathing in their pools, as they are one of the only big cats that likes water.

Mostly you will find them relaxing in their favourite locations, or stalking the few rabbits that dare to make their home in this enclosure.

The Kingdom of the Carnivores is home to Amur tigers, North American black bears, Canadian timber wolves and African lions.

Giraffe Junction

Woburn Safari Park is home to a large herds of Rothschild's giraffe.

Drive through their nine acres of open parkland and in the warmer months watch the rare Rothschild's Giraffe herd grazing and browsing for their favourite leaves.

Spot the youngest calves as they enjoy their grassy playground and see the herd appear to run in slow motion, whilst actually reaching top speeds of around 37kph!

In colder months you'll pass the giraffe in their yard or peeking over the doors of the Giraffe House.  This custom built facility affords the giraffe every possible luxury with a large indoor space, providing the tallest animals at the park the perfect environment to eat, sleep and socialise together. 

The herd of Rothschild's Giraffe live happily alongside endangered Somali wild ass and scimitar horned oryx. 

African Forest

Discover a troop of mischievious Barbary macaque monkeys, as they browse for food on the woodland floor; climb and play in the trees and roam free in their home.  The monkeys share their home with East African Mountain Bongo, one of the most critically endangered mammals on the planet. 

Worried about taking your car into the 'jungle'? No need - the monkeys rarely damage cars, and there is a bypass if you don't wish to drive through this section. 

African Forest is home to a troop of Barbary macaques and East African mountain bongo.

Giraffe herd grazing