Przewalski horse walks through expansive grassy reserve

Przewalski’s horse


The Przewalski’s horse is a rare and endangered subspecies of the wild horse. It was once extinct in the wild but thankfully due to successful captive breeding programmes and reintroduction programmes Przewalski horses can once again be found roaming within national parks throughout Mongolia. Reintroduction efforts are also active in China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The herd of Przewalski horses at Woburn Safari Park can be found grazing in a large paddock near the main entrance of the safari drive through.

Image of przewalkski horse at woburn safari park

All about us

Distribution: Mongolia. Reintroductions are active in China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Habitat: Steppe and semi desert
Height: 120- 150cm
Weight: 250-300kg
Gestation Period: 11 months
Lifespan: 25 years
Threats: Hunting by humans and the domestication of the species

About us

Scientific name: Equus ferus przewalskii

Przewalski horses live in two types of social groups: A harem group, which contains a stallion and no more than ten adult females and their offspring and bachelor groups, which contain only males.

Their behaviour patterns are very similar to that of feral horses. The stallions are very protective of their family groups and will defend all members of their family. However the mare will often display signs of leadership within the group. Stallions and mares stay with their preferred partners for many years.

Przewalski horses are of a stocky build and have shorter legs compared to the domesticated horse. Their manes stick upright and they have long tails that grow up to 90cm long. Their coats are a light brown, dun colour and they have a long dark strip along their backs. They do not have a forelock (fringe) like the domesticated horse.

Image of iucn endangered

Przewalski's Horse Facts

They can adapt to extreme cold conditions and grow thick warm coats in winter, complete with long shaggy neck hair and beards.
Stallions and mares stay with their preferred partners for many years.
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