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Accessibility information



Disabled Concessionary Admission

Tickets are available for one disabled individual plus one carer and are only available to buy online in advance. 

Proof of disability is required in the form of a DLA, DWP or PIP letter, blue badge, or an original letter from a registered care home, nursing home or hospice. If a second carer is required (your documentation should support this) an additional ticket can be purchased at the gate. For all ticket prices please click here.

Please do not ask staff to make a judgement by any other means, this is unfair to staff and they will politely refuse to make any discrimination or judgement without official documentation. If you wish to discuss your upcoming trip or your form of identification, please contact us on 01525 290407. Special requests can not always be met, when made on the same day of your visit.

Woburn Safari Park has done everything possible to ensure we offer a fully accessible park to people with disabilities and wheelchair users. We look forward to making your day as enjoyable as possible.

Click here for more information can be found on Central Bedfordshire Council's website.

Road Safari

Transport around the animal reserves is in your own car/minibus/coach. All vehicles take the same route and the drive takes approximately one hour. You can repeat the Road Safari route through the reserves as many times as you like during your visit.

Click here for more information can be found on Central Bedfordshire Council's website.

Click here for more information about vehicle accessibility at Woburn Safari Park. 


Leisure activities and play areas

The majority of the Leisure Area is accessible by wheelchair although movement around the attractions can sometimes involve a steep gradient. See for location of any gradients on site. 

Click here for more information about this area of the park, found on Access Able - Central Bedfordshire Council's website.


Great Woburn Railway

If you need assistance boarding the train, please ask the driver to help or to reserve the special wheelchair accessible carriage, should you need that facility.


Rainbow Landing Aviary

Wheelchairs are welcome in this attraction and staff are available in the reception area, to give advice before your enter the Aviary.


Safari Restaurant 

All entrances allow disabled access and the food counter is also accessible. Some tables are available with movable seating to enable wheelchair access and staff are happy to assist with taking trays to tables.

Click here for more information about this area of the park on Access Able - Central Bedfordshire Council's website.


Junglies Gift Shop 

Most aisles are accessible by wheelchair. Staff are also happy to assist disabled visitors tour the shop on a 'one to one' basis wherever possible, helping them with their shopping.

Click here for more information about this area of the park on Access Able - Central Bedfordshire Council's website.

Keeper Talks and Demonstrations

Catch a full programme of animal talks and demonstrations throughout the day in the leisure area. These are open to the general public and there is no need to pre-book.

All keeper talks are accessible by wheelchair, with space available either at the back or at the sides of the tiered seating, depending on the talks. Please make yourself/your group known to a member of staff at the beginning of a demonstrations/keeper talks, in case of emergency evacuation.

Walk-Through Animal Exhibits

Australian Walkabout is not currently accessible for wheelchair users.
'Monkey Business' and 'Land of the Lemurs' are accessible by wheelchair. 

Disabled Parking

There are 19 parking bays for blue badge holders in the main Leisure Area car park.

Disabled Toilets

These are located in the Safari Restaurant, and in the courtyard block by Junglies gift shop.

A radar key system is in place for the disabled toilets in the courtyard, please ask a member of staff in Junglies Gift Shop for the key, there will be a returnable £5 desposit for use. Or please feel free to use your own radar key, should you have one.

Changing facilities for larger children and adults are available in our Changing Places facility located beside the main concrete car park. This is fitted with hoists, privacy screens, adult-sized changing benches, peninsula toilets and have space for carers. Please ask staff in Junglies Gift Shop for a key. 

First Aid

Please approach any member of Woburn staff who will immediately contact one of the qualified first aiders on site.

Communication Boards 

Communication boards are used to help share messages with others. They are for everyone to use but can especially help children and adults who can understand more than they are able to say -  to express themselves and interact with others.

There are five communication boards at Woburn Safari Park to help individuals communicate about a wide range of topics including the animals, leisure facilities, food and drink and self-care.

Click here for more information about our communication boards and download them before your visit. 

British Sign Language Boards

In the UK, British Sign Language (BSL) is the most commonly used form of sign communication. It involves using a combination of hand movements, shapes and facial expressions to communicate. BSL is the language used by the Deaf community in the UK, and for many is their first language. 

There are many British Sign Language boards in the Foot Safari to help individuals learn BSL phrases related to their visit.

Click here for more information about our BSL boards or download a printable sheet of all the boards before your visit. 

Social Scripts

Social scripts are used to inform individuals about a social scenario, event or activity. They describe what will happen and use specific information about what might happen, why it happens and how it might make us feel. They are usually accompanied by images or symbols to help that person’s understanding. They can be an incredibly useful tool for autistic individuals or those with high levels of anxiety.

Click here for more information about our social scripts and download them before your visit. 


Assistance Dogs

No pets or dogs
 are permitted into the Safari Park and kennel facilities are not provided. Assistance dogs are only allowed to enter very limited areas of the Safari Park and may not enter the Road Safari or any animal enclosures in the Foot Safari. 

Please read the below Assistance Dogs policy in full to plan your visit accordingly. 

Click here for more details of the Assistance Dogs policy. 

If you have any questions regarding accessibility in relation to an upcoming trip you're planning, please contact us on 01525 290407. 

Can I Hire A Wheelchair?

Please Note: We do not offer wheelchair or mobility scooter hire
on site. Visitors will need to bring their own wheelchair or mobility scooter to the Park if they require it during their visit.