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Social Scripts

What are social scripts?

Social scripts are used to inform individuals about a social scenario, event or activity. They describe what will happen and use specific information about what might happen, why it happens and how it might make us feel.

Social scripts are usually accompanied by images or symbols to help that person’s understanding. They can be an incredibly useful tool for autistic individuals or those with high levels of anxiety.

Download our social scripts as a PDF

How can social scripts help?

  • They help develop understanding of a situation, activity or event.
  • They can help identify the thoughts, feelings or actions of others.
  • They help individuals feel more familiar or prepared about what might happen.
  • They can support sequencing skills e.g. knowing what order something will happen in.
  • They support planning and organizational skills.
  • They provide strategies or information to help overcome difficult situations.


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Tips for using our social scripts:

  1. Download and familiarize yourself with the social scripts. You may want to focus on only some of the scripts which will be most relevant to the individual in your care.
  2. Choose a time before your visit to read through the selected script/s with the individual when they are feeling calm, relaxed and happy.
  3. Tell the individual what the story is about e.g. saying “We are visiting Woburn Safari Park on ____(insert day of the week). This is a story about _______(e.g. who we can ask if we need help/where we will be visiting etc.)
  4. You can read through the social script/s regularly or more often in the lead up to visiting the safari park to help them feel prepared.
  5. Social scripts work best when they are personalized to an individual’s needs. You can personalize the scripts further with information such as what the individual might feel or what strategies they can use to help in a challenging situation.
  6. Adapt the language in the social scripts to match the individual’s level of understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a social script and a social story?

A: Social Story™ and Social Stories™ are trademarks originated and owned by Carol Gray, the original creator. Stories have to follow a set of criteria to meet the definition of a Social Story™. They are highly personalised, answer a set of questions and are made in collaboration with those that know the individual using them best.

Our ‘social scripts’ have been created to provide similar information to help our safari park users prepare for their visit. We have covered as many different situations as possible with lots of different users in mind. This means that we might not have included information specific to each individual user in order to meet the Social Story™ criteria.