Ring tailed lemur parents look at their newborn hanging onto the females chest as they sit in grass

Safari Days Out


  There's plenty to see and do on safari this June!

Peppa Pig is visiting the Park on the 29th June and then Bluey will be meeting her little fans on the 30th June

Join keepers on the 22nd and 23rd June to help raise money in aid of a  wonderful charity, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) and helping protect and conserve this majestic species in the wild.  You can book a Mini VIP Experience to meet the herd, join in fun games, or enter our fantastic competition!

Or why not book an adventurous educational session? Limited tickets available now for the Home Educators Day on the 20th June, and the SEN-Friendly Workshop on the 15th June, for youngsters who are passionate about animals and their conservation!  

Say hello to the new faces at the Park... catch a glimpse of our latest arrivals, a pair of newborn endangered ring-tailed lemur twins, as they explore their surroundings for the first time in the Land of Lemurs.

The excitement of the new arrivals at Woburn Safari Park continues in Australian Walkabout, with SIXTEEN tiny wallaby joeys just now starting to stick their heads out of their mother’s pouches.

Spot the Park's newest power couple, capybaras Graham and Nat! To spot them, simply jump aboard on the Great Woburn Railway  to pass by or stop off at their enclosure.

Don't forget to check out all the FREE leisure activities...!

Be sure to stop by the Mammoth Play Ark where little ones can burn off some energy on the free leisure activities, and the whole family can now enjoy a range of delicious new pizza options in the 2x2 restaurant.


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Capybaras Natalie and Graham graze in the grass of their enclosure
A mother and son using the slide at the Mammoth Play Ark at Woburn Safari Park


Icon - 10am to 5pm (last entry), closing at 6pm 10am to 5pm (last entry), closing at 6pm
Icon - BOOK ONLINE or at the gate BOOK ONLINE or at the gate
Icon - Postcode: MK43 0TU Postcode: MK43 0TU

Make some memories

Keep the kids entertained with an unforgettable safari adventure. Bring your troop to experience the wonders of nature and enjoy a full day out at Woburn Safari Park, filled with fun, learning and playtime. 

Enjoy seeing the look on their faces as your little monkeys meet the amazing wildlife, right through the windscreen of your car! They'll be amazed as they meet all kinds of endangered and exotic animals at the Safari Park. See the magnificent elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, lions, zebra and many more as you explore the Road Safari.

Continue the fun wildlife activities in the Foot Safari, home to sea lions, lemurs, penguins and meerkats. Stop off to watch fascinating keeper talks and demonstrations to get to know the individual animal residents.

Plus there are loads of indoor and outdoor play areas, all included in your ticket price!

Toddler holds stuffed bunny toy and looks out car window at zebra grazing in road safari

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Female tiger stares and walks towards camera in bushes and reeds

before youstart your adventure

- The park is only accessible in your own vehicle (no open top, cabriolet cars, bicycles or motorbikes are permitted, and you can't enter on foot). Click here for directions or use MK43 0TU in your satnav.

- Purchase tickets online or at the gate. 

- Admission tickets are for timed arrival sessions, but don't worry if you're a little late. 

No pets or dogs are allowed in the park, so please don't bring them with you! 

- TOP TIP: The best way to see all the animals in the Foot Safari is by watching the daily keeper talks and demonstrations