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Disabled Concessionary Admission

Discounted Rate for Disabled Individuals

Tickets are available at a concessionary discounted rate. We offer a two person ticket for one disabled individual plus one carer, a ticket for disabled individuals and these can be purchased either online, or at the gate upon arrival. 

If a second carer is required (your documentation should support this) an additional ticket can be purchased at the gate. For all ticket prices please click here.

Please supply supporting documentation in the form of ONE of the following:

  • DLA (Disability Living Allowance) letter
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment) letter
  • Blue badge
  • An original letter from a registered care home, nursing home or hospice (on letter head paper)
  • CredAbility Access Card
  • Disability identification card (DID)

Please do not ask staff to determine a registered disability by any other means. This will be politely refused, as we will not make any judgement without official documentation. 

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Need more info before you visit?

If you wish to discuss your upcoming trip or your form of identification, please contact us on 01525 290407. Special requests can not always be met, when made on the same day of your visit, but we will always try to accommodate you where we can.

Woburn Safari Park has done everything possible to offer you an accessible day out at the park. We look forward to making your day as enjoyable as possible.