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A child with it's hand on a tortoise, stroking it's head

Get up close and meet the meerkat mob and tortoises!

A 45 minute guided tour to meet the slender-tailed meerkats in their Desert Springs enclosure, before heading to Chelonia Pathways and getting face-to-face with the Aldabra tortoise.

This fun double feature VIP experience with the energetic meerkat mob and some of the world's largest land tortoise gives you the memorable chance to learn all about these famous fascinating species and feed them some of their favourite treats.

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Meerkat looks up from laying down in sandy enclosure

Availability and Restrictions

  • This experience is entirely weather dependant and cannot be guaranteed in advance when the weather is changeable. Where wet weather impacts the stated activity an alternative experience will be arranged
  • Bookings are subject to availability for dates during the year
  • This experience is suitable for children aged 5+ years only
  • Under 16's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Unfortunately due to access restrictions within the enclosures this experience is not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • All prices shown include VAT.
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Meerkat family group in Desert Springs
A child crouching down and feeding a branch to a tortoise
Three children sat on a rock, with six meerkats running across their laps

How to book

The Meerkat and Tortoise Encounter is available to book online now. Alternatively, you can call the VIP team on 01525 292124 or email