Elephant wades through lake surrounded by trees and grass

Projects we support

Woburn Safari Park has record fundraising year!

The keepers and staff at Woburn Safari Park raised over £20,000 for selected conservation charities in 2023, making the total raised over £184,000 in the last seven years!

The team continues its long-term commitment to fundraising for these conservation projects to help protect the long-term future of vulnerable animal species by making a direct contribution to in-situ and ex-situ conservation projects.


Charities and Projects currently supported by Woburn Safari Park:

Bongo looks at camera from behind tree with grass and trees in the background

Bongo Surveillance Project

The Bongo Surveillance Project is the only organisation dedicated to the continuous surveillance and projection of the last remaining bongo herds in Kenya. Assisting in preventing the extinction of the wild bongo, the surveillance work of BSP between September 2020 and February 2021 led to 24 arrests and 280 snares being collected in the Mau Forest.

Three adult and one baby elephant graze on branches and grass with their trunks against a backdrop of trees and bushes


The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is a non-profit supporting the conservation of elephants, with an emphasis on management, protection, and scientific research.

This important charity's conservation projects and educational programs help protect elephant species in the wild. Money raised goes to their managed facilities for both African and Asian elephants; for population management, protection, and scientific research.

Woburn Safari Park has supported vital research programmes into the Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV).

Tiger looks into camera with mouth slightly open against blurred colourful backround

WildCats Conservation Alliance

The WildCats Conservation Alliance is formed of 15 international and Russian NGOs all working to support conservation of the Amur leopards and tigers in the wild.

Working in Sumatra, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand and Russia on carefully chosen conservation projects, the WildCats Conservation Alliance is working hard to ensure that wild cats can continue to thrive in the wild.

Penguin chick with flippers outstretched in penguin enclosure


This fantastic charity is dedicated to safeguarding the future of penguins including the Humboldt penguin, which is currently classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Faced with a number of threats including the depletion of fish stocks, hunting, and climate change, this incredible species needs all the help it can get.

Together with conservationists, scientists and citizens, Sphenisco supports the protection of breeding colonies and the marine areas surrounding them.

Two ring-tailed lemurs cuddle on wooden beam

The Berenty Project

Berenty is a private reserve of gallery forest located in Southern Madagascar. Home to the ring-tailed lemur, unfortunately, brown lemurs were introduced to the area in the '70s and have begun to jeopardize the long-term survival of the endangered ring-tailed lemurs.

The Berenty Project works hard to monitor the populations of both lemur species, to limit the Brown lemur population growth by using fertility control, and in assessing the interactions between the two species.

Blue and gold macaw flies through the air as visitors watch Birds in Action demo

World Parrot Trust

The World Parrot Trust is a leading, science-based parrot conservation and welfare organisation.

Aiming to ensure the long-term survival of the most endangered parrot species around the world by supporting research and conservation projects in situ.

The World Parrot Trust also aims to improve the lives of companion parrots through education and scientific research.