Woburn Safari Park's endangered species

Woburn Safari Park is an EAZA (European Association of Zoors and Aquaria) accredited zoo, and participates in the captive management of endangered breeding animals through the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP). 

The EEP is the most intensive form of managed breeding and is conducted by an EEP coordinator, assisted by a species committee.

Woburn Safari Park is home to a number of endangered species, which can be seen in both the Road Safari and the Foot Safari. 

Endangered species you will find in the Road Safari: 

Grevy's zebra - (Endangered)
Przewalski's horse - (Endangered)
Somali wild ass - (Critically endangered)
Southern white rhino - (Near threatened)
Amur tiger - (Endangered)
Asian elephant - (Endangered)
Rothschild's giraffe - (Endangered)
Eastern mountain bongo - (Critically endangered)
Scimtar horned oryx - (Critically endangered)
Vietnamese sika deer - (Extinct in the wild)
Sable antelope - (Least Concern)
Dwarf forest buffalo - (Least Concern)
Barbary macaque monkey - (Endangered)

Endangered species you will find in the Foot Safari:

Humboldt penguin - (Vulnerable)
Squirrel monkey - (Least concern)
Golden mantella frog - (Critically endangered)
Egyptian tortoise - (Vulnerable)
Red bellied lemur - (Vulnerable)
Black and white ruffed lemur - (Near threatened)
Red panda - (Endangered)
Californian sea lion - (Least concern)
Ring tailed lemur - (Near threatened)


Giraffe herd grazing