Yellow crested cockatoo close up

Yellow Crested Cockatoo


As the population of the lesser sulfur-crested cockatoo has decreased, little is known of their complex interactions. These birds no longer flock in their large numbers as they once did. They form long term social bonds and are generally monogamous (pairing for life). They can be seen family groups and will gather in flocks to feed.

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Yellow crested cockatoo close up

All about us

Distribution: Indonesia and Sulawesi. Islands in the Flores Sea, Nusa Tenggara and Masalembu islands.
Habitat: Woodland, farmland, coconut palms and forest edges.
Height: Length 30-32.5 cm
Weight: 300-350 grams
Lifespan: Up to 60 years
Threats: Seen as a crop-pest, and consequently persecuted.

About us

Scientific name: Cacatua galerita

Yellow crested cockatoos are a smaller cockatoo. The plumage is overall white, but the ear coverts, under wings, under tail and the expressive crest are yellow. The bill (beak) is black and the legs grey. As adults the male’s iris will remain a dark brown to black colour whilst the female’s iris will take on a reddish colour.

Red List Critically Endangered

Yellow crested cockatoo facts

Cockatoos crests can be raised or lowered at will and are used to communicate with fellow members of their species, allowing individuals to recognise one another and indicating moods.



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