Blue and gold macaw flies through the air as visitors watch Birds in Action demo

World Parrot Trust

The World Parrot Trust

The World Parrot Trust is a leading, science-based parrot conservation and welfare organisation.

They use science to take direct action to protect wild parrot populations and aim to help parrots survive in the wild.


Classed as 'Vulnerable in the wild', the world population is now as low as 560,000 and distinct threats to these numbers include the trade-in wild-caught birds as pets and the loss of habitat or habitat fragmentation.

The Grey Parrot is found in southern Nigeria, Southern Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, South-Eastern Ivory Coast, Northern Angola, Tanzania, Western Kenya, West Uganda, Principe, and Bioko Islands.

Merlin the Military Macaw


Woburn Safari Park is home to several parrot species including the military macaw, green-winged macaw, and the blue-and-gold macaw. Keepers at the Park, with the help of the parrot residents, continue to support future projects for the World Parrot Trust, including the charity's aims to:

  • Reduce the trade in wild-caught African parrots
  • Rehabilitate and release confiscated birds
  • Encourage sustainable alternatives to parrot trapping
  • Re-establish wild populations in suitable areas of their former range

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