Blue and gold macaw flies through the air as visitors watch Birds in Action demo


Macaws at Woburn Safari Park

Green winged macaw perches on suspended rope

Green-winged macaw

The green-winged macaw is also known as the red-and-green macaw and is among the largest of the macaw species.

They are natively found in the tropical rainforests of South America.

Blue and gold macaw stretches out one of its feet

Blue & Gold Macaw

The blue and gold macaw is a large parrot found in the forests of South America.

Aptly named, it has a bright blue body and dark yellow chest and is sometimes also referred to as the blue and yellow macaw because of this.

Military Macaw stretches out wings while perches on wooden stand

Military Macaw

The military macaw is a medium-sized macaw, native to Mexico and South America.

They are mostly green, with a patch of red feathers just above their beak.

Macaw Facts


Are macaws endangered?

Sadly the majority of macaws are now listed as endangered, with several listed as highly or critically endangered.

Why are macaws endangered?

Macaws face a number of threats, including deforestation, hunting, and the illegal trapping for the pet trade.

How big do macaws get?

Macaws are typically large birds, ranging in size from 30cm up to 102cm, depending on the species.

Which long do macaws live for?

Macaws are among the longest-living parrot species. They can live for an average of 50 years but in captivity, some can even reach up to 60 years old.