Penguins leap into pool from rocky ledge



Sadly Humboldt penguins are threatened with extinction. But together with conservationists, scientists and citizens, Sphenisco is working hard to support the protection of breeding colonies and the marine areas surrounding them, to help safeguard the future of this incredible species.

The wild population of Humboldt penguins is threatened by a variety of different factors, including the reduction of fish due to overfishing and climate change, the illegal harvesting of guano, uncontrolled tourism disrupting the breeding season, and pollution of their habitat.

Sphenisco works to support in-situ work in partnership with Chilean activisits and scientists, to help save the Humboldt penguins from extinction.

Two penguins walk across rocky ledge

How is Sphenisco helping wild penguins?

Education and public relations: Sphenisco has been raising awareness among the local population to help the habitats of the Humboldt penguin.

Science and Research: Sphenisco initiates research projects in Chile and Peru. In Chile researchers have been investigating the population, breeding success, and foraging as part of a six-year project. Meanwhile in Peru, the breeding pairs and success is being monitored across a two-year project.

Partnerships: The charity places a big emphasis on environmental education and species conservation, so the charity has also partnered with European zoos, such as ourselves, to help support the charity's habitat conservation activities in Chile and Peru.