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Vietnamese Sika deer

Cervus Nippon pseudaxis

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  6. Endangered
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  8. Extinct in the Wild
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About Us

The Vietnamese Sika Deer is now extinct in the wild but used to be found in northern Vietnam and may have lived in small areas of southwest China. They were hunted for meat and the velvet on their antlers which was used in traditional medicines.

Our group of Vietnamese Sika Deer can be found in a large paddock next to our European Bison (Bison bonasus) before the safari drive through.

Extinct in the wild but can be found within National parks and collections throughout the world.
Dense forest
25 years
Although conservation efforts are in place they are still at risk of poaching.

Social Behaviour

Vietnamese sika deer are active throughout the 24 hour period, but they do tend to be more active at dawn and dusk. They live either solitary or in small single sexed herds but larger herds will form during the breeding season. They communicate using high pitched short calls; this alerts the group of any predators or threats.

Breeding Behaviour

During the breeding season or ‘rut’ Stags will compete with each other to gain access to the hinds (females). These contests will involve high pitched vocalisations and parallel walking which will eventually lead to fighting. They use their antlers to spar with each other and can cause serious injury or even result in death. Once the dominant stag has been established he will mate with the hinds and after a gestation period of approximately 7 months a calf is born.


Like all deer species they are herbivores and their diet consists of mainly grass, however they will nibble on browse and fruits when available. We provide hay for our group in winter months when grass is scarce and also feed them a high protein hard feed to keep them in top condition.

Physical Features

They have reddish brown coats with white spots which are more prominent in summer months, as a thicker, shaggier coat is grown in winter. Only stags (males) grow antlers. These can grow to 80cm long and are shed once a year, usually in April or May.

Fun Facts

Vietnamese sika deer (like other sika subspecies) have a very prominent white rump and when alarmed or threatened they have the ability to make all of the white hairs stand up on end which enlarges this area greatly and alarms other individuals without making a sound.