Two rhinos graze on grass against backdrop of logs and trees


Female Rhino walks across expansive grassy reserve

Meet Mirijam

Mirijam is a Southern White Rhino; she arrived at Woburn Safari Park in 2010 and she now lives with three other rhinos at the Park, including Bonnie the newest arrival.

You can find Mirijam in the Savannah Grasslands reserve in the Road Safari.

About Mirijam


Mirijam was born on October 8th 1992 and arrived at Woburn Safari Park in 2010. She is quite a distinct looking female; she is very stocky and the tip of her right ear points downwards.

She enjoys roaming around the 50 acre exhibit which she shares with the other Southern white rhino and numerous other African species, such as ostrich, Grevy's zebraeland and ankole cattle.



Mirijam is full of personality! 

Some days she can be very stubborn and grumpy, but equally she can also be very lively; there are times when she will decide to chase the ankole cattle around the section or walk through the middle of the sleeping antelope herds just to get them all up!

Rhino stands in expansive grassy reserve with cars in the background


Woburn Safari Park is home to a number of Southern white rhino which can be seen in the Savannah Grasslands section of the Road Safari. They are able to roam in their large exhibit with a number of other African species.

The Woburn Family

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