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Meet Raja

Raja is the male elephant in the Woburn Safari Park herd, living with four females Chandrika, Damini, Yu Zin and juvenile Tarli, in a specially designed house.

Raja can be seen during the day in the Road Safari, when you drive past the elephant house, on the re-entry route.

About Raja


Raja is one of the five Asian elephants living at Woburn Safari Park. He is very easy to spot on the Road Safari drive-through (from the Savannah Grasslands section, or via the re-entry route) as he is the only elephant with big tusks! These tusks are only seen on the male Asian elephants.

Raja was born on the 19th January 1994 and currently weighs over four tonnes! He arrived at Woburn in 1997 along with Damini and Chandrika from West Bengal in India and was one of seven calves in a family group.

He became a dad to elephant juvenile Tarli in September 2014.



Raja is a very laid back character who enjoys his daily interactions with his keepers. He is very well cared for; keepers give him a bath every morning, trim his toe nails and look after his feet, he even gets his tusks trimmed. Rajas tusks grow 11cm in one year!

Raja’s favourite foods are pineapples, bananas and maize (Woburn has its very own maize growing plot so Raja enjoys plenty of maize during the summer).

Raja has lots of toys in his paddock which provide him with plenty of enrichment but his favourite are his giant footballs.

Three Asian Elephants play in grassy reserve


Elephants are the largest land mammal in the world. Raja is one of five Asian elephants living at Woburn Safari Park.

The Woburn Family

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