Asian elephant celebrates 5th birthday

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Birthday girl Tarli, the adorable Asian elephant calf, celebrated her 5th birthday on Tuesday. 

Keepers celebrated her birthday with a specially made bran cake, which Tarli was quick to investigate and tuck into.

Tarli aged 5yrs 2019.JPG


Tarli was born to mother Damini and father Raja on the 24th September 2014, weighing 122kg but she is now nearing two tonnes!

Asian elephants are herd animals and live among family groups, consisting of females and their calves. Tarli, who is the youngest of the herd at Woburn Safari Park, can therefore be seen living alongside the three other females, Yu-Zin, Damini and Chandrika


In 2018, Tarli survived elephant endotheliotrophic herpes virus (EEHV), an aggressive disease which is fatal in 80% of recorded cases. The virus can seriously weaken the circulatory system in juvenile elephants leading to rapid deterioration. As a result of regular blood testing, the EEHV infection was detected early and supportive treatment in the form of antiviral and plasma transfusions began immediately.