About Pepe


Pepe came to Woburn Safari Park when he was just two years old and because of the high level of intelligence these parrots demonstrate, he has been trained a number of behaviours from waving, presenting his wings and even saying ‘hello’. He is still very young for a parrot though - they can live up 60 years old, or even longer!

Pepe has training sessions throughout the day; keepers use positive reinforcement to train our parrots, which means that they reward good behaviour with praise or treats. When Pepe isn’t being trained, he enjoys acting like a teenager – his bedroom (aviary) is full of toys, which are a form of enrichment, such as bamboo, cardboard and wooden boxes.



There’s no better place to see Pepe than in the ‘Birds in Action’ demonstration, held twice daily during the main season. Watch him flying and swooping above your head in the amphitheatre, as he enjoys showing off to a big audience.

Pepe and his trainers like to show how these bright white parrots survive predators, how they adapt to feeding with their strong beak and how they move around in the trees or on the ground with their well-designed feet.

Pepe also likes to do an impression of an animal that lives in the same native country as him.


Birds in Action is home to Blue and Gold Macaw, Military Macaw, Greenwinged Macaw, Greater Cockatoo, Lesser Cockatoo, Patagonian Conures (also known as the Burrowing Parrots).

The Woburn Family

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