Another pair of African crested porcupettes born at Woburn Safari Park

A pair of African crested porcupettes have been born at Woburn Safari Park.

Born on the 11th October, the two have since had their first health checks, during which they were microchipped and confirmed to both be males. Keepers have named them after African musical instruments - Djembe and Marimba.

A djembe is a hand drum and a marimba is a percussion instrument. They are the second set of porcupettes to be born at the Park this year, following the two males, Piglet and Pooh, that were born in May to mother Noku and father Chewy. 

Djembe and Marimba started eating solid food at around one week old, however mum Noku will continue to feed them and their old siblings for a little while longer. 

Porcupines are social animals, living in small family groups of an adult pair and their offspring. The adult pair is monogamous, and mate for life. The births of the latest babies takes the total size of the porcupine family at the Park to six.