Giraffes stick their necks out to get involved with proposal

When visitor Joel Warren arrived at Woburn Safari Park on the 12th October 2019, his partner Cassandra Findley thought she was simply being treated to a fun day out. However after a drive through the Road Safari, the couple were met by keepers for Cassandra’s first surprise – a private Mini VIP Experience with Woburn’s giraffes. Little did she know that Joel had an even more special surprise instore for her that day.

Led by the Head of Reserves, Sonia Freeman, the couple were taken into the Giraffe House to meet the tallest animals at the Park. With Cassandra fully distracted by meeting the Park’s breeding male, Casper, Joel slyly passed an engagement ring to a giraffe keeper.

The couple were taken upstairs to the eye-level viewing platform where they had the opportunity to hand feed the giraffes some browse (leaves). Cassandra didn’t expect a thing, and was so preoccupied by the giraffes that she didn’t even notice straight away that Joel had passed her a branch with the shiny ring attached to it, until he got down on one knee. Delighted, she accepted while her new giraffe pals looked on.

Joel Warren Proposes To Girlfriend Cassandra In The Giraffe House

Forward planning

Joel had spoken to the marketing team at the Park back in September and with a bit of liaising with the keepers the proposal had been planned to incorporate Cassandra’s favourite animals, the giraffes.

Speaking of the proposal, Joel said: “When I decided that I was going to propose to Cass I knew straight away where I wanted to do it, as one of our first dates together was spent at Woburn Safari Park. The proposal could not have gone any better. Right from the start I knew that I needed to book a VIP experience with the giraffes so I got in touch with the team at Woburn and they were fantastic - even if I did message them A LOT! There was no question too big or small.

“Cass was busy feeding a giraffe and hadn’t noticed me standing nervously behind her with the ring tied to one of the branches. She turned to get more food and I handed her THE branch. I then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! She said yes, meanwhile the giraffe was still attempting to eat the branches that Cass had in her hand so we had to remove the ring pretty fast.

Head of Reserves, Sonia, added: “It’s always lovely when people get engaged at the Park, and I’m happy that on this occasion we were able to help Joel out by involving Cassandra’s favourite animals, in the proposal.

We were all in on the surprise, and it was clear that Cassandra didn’t expect a thing, which made it all the more exciting, especially as myself and my team were tasked with tying the ring to a piece of browse for her.”