Animals get into the Halloween spirit

The animals were treated to an early Halloween by our keepers this week, see how their pumpkin treats went down...

Pumpkins were left for the creepy crawlies to explore in The Dissscovery Zone, a specially designed building with custom built vivarium’s and terrariums to the needs of its exotic habitants.

Dissscovery Zone Animals Treated To Pumpkins For Halloween

Keen to not miss out, the Park’s Barbary Macaque Monkeys, Amur Tigers, Kunekune pigs, Aldabra giant tortoises, lorikeets, otters and meerkats were also give some treats to play with as a form of enrichment, which helps to stimulate the animals curiosity and natural foraging behaviours.

Barbary Macaques Enjoy Pumpkin Enrichment Treat

Aldabra Giant Tortoises Are Given Pumpkin Treats For Halloween

Animals At Woburn Safari Park Tuck Into Pumpkin Treats For Halloween

Kunekune Pig With Pumpkin Treat