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African Lioness Zuri With Christmas Present At Woburn Safari Park

Christmas comes early for the animals at the Park

Christmas is just around the corner and the countdown has well and truly begun at Woburn Safari Park. Animals from across the park have been treated to presents, decorations and festive feasts by their keepers in the run up to the big day.

New Utila Spiny Tailed Iguana Moves Into Woburn Safari Park

New iguana moves into the Dissscovery Zone

A juvenile female Utila Spiny Tailed Iguana has moved into the Dissscovery Zone within the Foot Safari.

African lioness Zuri with one of her lion cubs

Lion cubs meet the pride for the first time

Adorable African lion cubs, Kahari and Kojo, have ventured into their new home in the main nine-acre reserve on the Road Safari and have begun integrating themselves within the eight-strong pride, under the protective eye of Zuri.

Squirrel monkey baby born at Woburn Safari Park

Adorable new arrival joins the troop

Monkey Business recently welcomed an adorable addition to the squirrel monkey troop with the arrival of a tiny baby, who is settling in well to their new home down in the Foot Safari.

Otter Pups At Woburn Safari Park

Kovu and Kelani's otter pups are named

The two Asian short clawed otter pups born at Woburn Safari Park this summer have been named as part of a special competition.

Twin Porcupettes Born At Woburn Safari Park

Pair of porcupettes born at Woburn Safari Park

A second pair of African crested porcupettes have been born at Woburn Safari Park.

African Lion Cub At Woburn Safari Park

Joco and Zuri's lion cubs are named

Two African lion cubs, recently born at Woburn Safari Park, have been named following a special competition run by the Park.

Meerkat mob enjoy pumpkin treats for Halloween

Animals get into the Halloween spirit

The animals were treated to an early Halloween by our keepers this week, see how their pumpkin treats went down...

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