The Savannah Grasslands babies get their names...

After the start of the summer 'baby boom' and the arrival of many adorable new faces across the African Reserves section of the Park, it was time for keepers to start the difficult job of deciding on the names...

As is tradition within the African Reserves area of the Park, a letter of the alphabet is assigned for every year. In 2018, this is the letter 'S'


Female Amelie was the first to become a mother at the end of March when she gave birth to a male late in the afternoon named Sean. Just a couple of days later, keepers were overjoyed to come into work in the morning to discover that female Forest had become a mum to a beautiful female calf that keepers have named Sage

Now that the weather is warmer, the calves will be out in their paddock next to the Somali wild ass.

Addax Calves At Woburn Safari Park


The eland herd got considerably bigger in size in a small amount of time when five pregnant cows gave birth within just a few days of one another, resulting in five extremely healthy calves

The three males and two females were named Sonny, Samson, Stanley, Sandy and Suzy

Eland Calves Wsp


Barbary macaques

Four Barbary macaques have recently been born in the African Forest area of the Road Safari, with mothers doing well and the youngsters settling in well within the troop. 

A competition was held for members of the public to name one of the youngsters and the winning name was chosen by keepers as Safi!

Macaque Naming Competition