Farmyard Friends welcomes ‘new kids on the rock’, Dill and Patch

Two adorable Pygmy goats have moved in to Farmyard Friends within Animal Encounters at the Park. 

Two-year-old twin males Patch and Dill have arrived at Woburn from Colchester Zoo and can be seen settling in to their new home alongside fellow goats Morgan, Poppy, Maisy and Gollum. Patch is primarily black and white, with Dill sporting a cream and tan fur. 

Patch And Dill At Wsp

Both males are castrated and have joined Farmyard Friends to increase the herd numbers and as companion animals for the others. Both of the Pygmy goats are on view now and can be seen exploring their new home, and their very exciting climbing rock within the enclosure. 

Patch And Dill On The Rock

The playful pair were even caught on camera getting very excited at all the recent snow that fell at the Park. You can view the video on our Facebook page here