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Common Pipistrelle Lr

Common pipistrelle bats found roosting in the Foot Safari

There are some new residents settled in within the Foot Safari - a large colony of common pipstrelle bats.

New meerkat Spence in Desert Springs at Woburn Safari Park

Spence the meerkat joins the mob

A new male has joined the mob down in Desert Springs with the arrival of eight-year-old Spence from Colchester Zoo.

Baby Barbary 2

This year's new troop members get their names

The recent Barbary macaque babies born back in May have now been given names by their keepers - all starting with the letter S!

Wallaby baby at Woburn Safari Park

{VIDEO} Watch some of the new spring babies

Woburn Safari Park has recently welcomed the first of the spring arrivals in the Foot Safari - with a ring tailed lemur being born and many adorable 'joeys' within Australian Walkabout.

Mg 2164

{VIDEO} Herman the brown wood owl enjoys a shower

During the recent heatwave, keepers worked hard to ensure that the animals at the Park were keeping as cool as possible.

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