Otter Kumari moves to join a lonely male

Asian short clawed otter female, Kumari, has joined Sherpreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire, to help keep their recently widowed male company. 

Lahn lost his long-term parner, 13-year-old female Dharma, at Sherpreth recently and was pining for his mate - something that is very common in otters when they lose partners. Director of Sherpreth, Rebecca Willers, contacted Woburn Safari Park to see if there were any females ready to move and start a breeding programme of their own. 

Caring older sibling

Kumari was born last year at Woburn to parents Kelani and Kovu, and has been very involved in the upbringing of her new siblings, born just this summer. It's very common for older siblings to help the parent otters out with younger pups and it's a great way for them to learn vital parenting skills. 

Kumari And Lahn At Sherpreth 2

Kumari has reached the age where she would be leaving the safety and comfort of her family unit in the wild, so keepers felt she would be the perfect candidate to join Lahn over at Sherpreth. To get Kumari ready for the move, keepers began box training with her to get her to calmly enter the travelling crate. Fortunately the move went very well and Kumari arrived very relaxed and excited to meet her new friend. 

Conservation efforts

Woburn Safari Park animal keeper Katie Souter, said: "Kumari is such a caring otter so we knew that if anyone could help Lahn get over the loss of Dharma, she could!"

Lahn took to Kumari immediately and within a few minutes, was showing her around her new home. It is hoped in the coming months that this pairing will result in successful breeding which is very important for the conservation of this vulnerable species.