Easter treats for the animals

The animals have been enjoying an early visit from the Easter Bunny, with keepers treating them to some of their favourite foods in the form of egg-shaped enrichment treats. 

The African lions have been having an egg-cellent time tucking into frozen blood eggs which were hung from trees, encouraging them to demonstrate some of their natural behaviours such as climbing.

Easter Animals At Wsp

Colourful enrichment

The eggs went down well with the six lions as they happily passed the treats around the pride, however female lion Tyra was not so keen on sharing, choosing to keep one egg to herself in a possessive display of behaviour. 

Chris Smart, Head of Section for Reserves, said: "Nutrition is an important part of enrichment for the animals and egg-shaped goodies are a perfect way to present their foods in a different way that encourages them to display curiosity as well as other natural and wild behaviours."

Easter Animals At Wsp 1

Other animals enjoying the egg-stravaganza included the 48-strong troop of endangered Barbary macaques. Troop member Oakley opted to eat his egg in peace up a tree, away from his companions. 

Meanwhile in the Foot Safari, the black and white ruffed lemurs, ring tailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys tucked into colourful vegetarian eggs made of beetroot - part of their daily diet.