Adorable otter pups make their debut

Asian short clawed otter pair, Kovu and Kelani, have welcomed their second successful litter, with four adorable pups taking up residence within Otter Falls in the Foot Safari. 

The four youngsters, one female and three males, are estimated to be around five weeks old now and are all doing very well. As this is the second litter for Kovu and Kelani, they are relishing in the extra help coming from their five offspring who were born in July last year. 

Keepers recently microchipped the four young pups and were able to sex them and give them a basic healthcheck. The pups and seven adult otters can now be seen out in their enclosure - playing amongst the rocks and having a dip in their pool. The water level has been temporarily lowered until the newest additions get a little bigger. 

Otter Pup 1

Louise Moody, animal keeper in Animal Encounters, said: "We are really excited that Kelani has welcomed another litter successfully and that all the pups are doing well. Their older siblings are helping out their parents and bringing food for them all into the nest box. In a few months time, last year's youngsters will begin to be moved to other animal collections in the country to begin their own breeding programmes." 

Asian short clawed otters have a gestation period of approximately 60-64 days and this year's litter can be seen in their home located next to Desert Springs and the Safari Lodge.