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Birds In Action Woburn Safari Park July 2017 30 1

Raising money for World Parrot Trust

Visitors at Woburn Safari Park have raised a fantastic £1996 for World Parrot Trust, who aim to help parrots survive in the wild and flourish in companion care.

B Kumari And Lahn At Sherpreth

Otter Kumari moves to make a new friend

Asian short clawed otter female, Kumari, has joined Sherpreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire, to help keep their recently widowed male company.

Joco The Lion In The Snow At Woburn Safari Park

New Arrival in Kingdom of the Carnivores

Male lion Joco arrived from Erfurt Zoo in Germany on the 25th October, 2017. Joco is six years old is settling in well to his new home in the specially designed lion house, in Kingdom of the Carnivores, in the Road Safari at Woburn Safari Park.

Otter Pup 3

Adorable otter pups make their debut

Asian short clawed otter pair, Kovu and Kelani, have welcomed their second successful litter, with four adorable pups taking up residence within Otter Falls in the Foot Safari.

Msasa And Her Baby Rafiki

It’s the ‘R’ Factor at the Park!

Meet some of Woburn Safari Park's very adorable new arrivals and the youngest babies to be born to the Park's endangered species breeding programme. Busy keepers are celebrating the births of a Barbary macaque and an unusually-dressed Rothschild’s giraffe.

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