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Mishka the Amur Tiger at Woburn Safari Park

Customer Update - 23rd March

CUSTOMER ANNOUNCEMENT: From 23rd MARCH 2020  Due to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, Woburn Safari Park is now TEMPORARILY CLOSED. We have made this decision based on the current advice from the Government and with the best interests of our staff and the public.

Great days out to see Squirrel Monkey babies born at Woburn Safari Park

Names chosen for Squirrel Monkey babies

The Animal Encounters team have chosen their three favourite names for the squirrel monkey babies, from all your great suggestions and we announce the winners here.

African Lioness And Cub

Lion pride to benefit from large expansion to their home

The African lion pride is set to benefit from a large expansion to their overnight home.

Muddy rhino at Woburn Safari Park

Rhinos make the most of the wet weather

A pair of Southern white rhinos have been seen making the most of the wet weather this week at Woburn Safari Park.

Penguin Chick at Woburn Safari Park

Development of the penguins' plush new home begins

The Park's Humboldt penguins at Woburn Safari Park have been moved into temporary accommodation while their home undergoes a large refurbishment and expansion.

Zuri With Lion Cubs Kahari And Kojo At Woburn Safari Park

An update on African lion cubs Kahari and Kojo

Woburn Safari Park welcomed Kahari and Kojo in July 2019 when African lioness Zuri gave birth. Now, the playful pair can be seen running, play fighting and climbing trees out in their 32-acre reserve alongside the other members of the pride.

Red Panda Sanka With Heart Enrichment For Valentines Day

The animals have been treated with heart-shaped gifts for Valentine's Day

From black and white ruffed lemurs, Tangle and Tulum, to red panda pair Sanka and Mali – the Park’s animals have been enjoying some heart-shaped enrichment in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Monkey On Top Of Car

Fun for everyone, whatever the weather!

Don't be put off by the winter temperatures, as Woburn Safari Park is actually far more weatherproof than you might expect!

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