A 'Capy' Announcement: Spot Graham and Nat!

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Meet Graham, Woburn Safari's newest eligible capy-bachelor! The two-year-old male capybara joined the Park last year from Northumberland Zoo, with hopes he would get acquainted with resident female capybara Nat as he grew older.

After a period of bonding behind the scenes at the Park, with the help and care of our dedicated keepers, we are delighted to announce that the pair are getting along 'swimmingly'!


Capybara are the largest living rodent in the world and are closely related to the guinea pig. Native to South America, they are semi-aquatic and have webbed toes to aid them in the water. Males like Graham can grow to weigh up to 65kg as adults, however the females will tend to weigh more.

Since his arrival, Graham has been growing in confidence and has become a firm favourite with keepers. He is a little smaller than Nat, but the pair can often be spotted side-by-side as their romance continues to blossom.


It is hoped that the pair will go on to welcome capybara pups of their own in the near future. For now though, there is even more 'capy' news, as you can now spot the pair for yourself when you visit the Park! They have moved into their expansive enclosure over at Alpaca Outpost, complete with a pond, secluded sleeping area and plenty of tree stumps for capy scratches.

Photographs kindly provided by Keeper Mia. 

Take a train ride to spot Graham and Nat!

To spot Graham and Nat, simply catch a ride on the Great Woburn Railway to pass by or stop off at their enclosure. Catch the train from the station in  the Foot Safari - rides are included in your ticket price! (Timetables may vary, please check train times at the station during your visit).