Bird Flu update Nov 2021

Government Guidance

The UK Government has announced an Avian Influenze Prevention zone, which came into force from the 3rd November.

Zoos and Safari Parks receives expert guidance from BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) to put measures in place.

This has so far included adding in foot baths at entry and exit points, and hand washing stations (in place since early November) in walk-through enclosures with birds.

New restrictions will come into from Monday 29th November, which will impact how keepers care for the birds resident at Woburn. This will help protect captive bird populations and reduce the risk of transmission. 

Precautions in place for Bird Flu

Many of the biosecurity measures are already in place at the park, as we meet the highest welfare standards for our birds. 

New precautions in place at Woburn Safari Park from Monday 29th November will include: 

- Birds in Action demonstrations with parrots will not go ahead 
- Birds of Prey demonstrations will not go ahead
- All free-ranging birds will be housed
- Greater Rhea (in Australian Walkabout) will be fenced in a separate pen, inaccessible but still on view to visitors

Due to the necessary cancellation of free-flying bird demonstrations, the indoor sea lion demonstration at Sea Lion Cove (normally £2 per person) will be free of charge

Check your timetable for details of times and your park map for the location.

Which areas will stay open?

Rainbow Landing will remain open, with visitors asked to use both the foot dip and hand washing at enty and exit points.  You won't be able to feed the lories and lorikeets, but they remain free-flying in this large indoor aviary.

Penguins at Humboldt Harbour will still be on view and the daily talks and demonstrations will go ahead as normal. 

Please be assured that keepers are taking every extra precaution possible, with increased disinfectant cleaning routines and welfare checks on the park's precious bird populations.