Herd of Somali Black headed sheep stand in rocky shelter

Somali black headed sheep


The Somali black headed sheep does not grow wool, but rather hair due to its natural habitat being the areas of Southern Africa. Much like goats, this helps the sheep to tolerate heat better.

Image of somali black headed lamb

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Distribution: Somalia and South Africa
Habitat: Drylands
Weight: Average 68kgs
Threats: Raised for meat across Africa

About us

Scientific name: Ovis aries

The Somali black headed sheep is, as its name would suggest, native to Somalia and is white, with a black head. They are a distinctive looking breed, as they have a peculiar shape due to the fact that they store fat in their hindquarters. They are a hardy breed and can adapt to live in both hot and cold conditions.

The flock at Woburn Safari Park can be found in the Farmyard Friends enclosure of the Foot Safari, where they live alongside a variety of other species including an Abyssinian donkey, and a Shetland pony!

Red List Not Evaluated

Somali Black Headed Sheep Facts

These animals were specifically bred for the large quantity of fat that is stored in their tails, which was essential during times of drought.
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