Brown donkey rests head on snowy fence

Abyssinian Donkey


Woburn Safari Park is home to an Abyssinian donkey. You will find her and her good friend Holly the Shetland Pony in the Farmyard Friends walk-through section in Animal Encounters.

Brown donkey rests head on snowy fence

All about us

Distribution: Native to Ethiopia
Habitat: Dry and mountainous areas
Height: 8.4 and 10 hands (86 - 102 cm or 34 -40 inches) at the highest point of the withers (shoulders).
Weight: 90 - 210 kg
Gestation Period: 11 - 13 months
Lifespan: 30 - 40 years in captivity

About us

Scientific name: Equus asinus

Little is known of the wild behaviour of Abyssinian donkeys. Generally, donkeys are hardy animals, who derive nourishment from poor quality food and can tolerate considerable heat and dehydration. Donkeys are highly intelligent and have a strong sense of self-preservation. They are wonderful protectors to flocks of sheep and goats as well as herds of cattle and will defend themselves and their companions vigorously. As a herd animal, donkeys graze in groups and are always on hand to run down or trample a predator or discourage it with a strong and well-aimed kick. With their quiet nature, donkeys are a calming influence on their more skittish cousin, the horse. Donkeys are known to be docile, playful, curious and affectionate.

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Abyssinian Donkey Facts

The donkey is related to the horse and zebra, all of which belong to the same family known as 'Equus'.
The donkey has adapted to tolerant tough conditions in the wild and can go without water longer than any other equine animal.
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