Keeper qualifications and professional development

Image of animal encounters staff with meerkats

Animal keepers at Woburn Safari Park are given the opportunity to undertake the Keeper and Aquarist Apprenticeship. This was developed by ZSL and is delivered in partnership with Capel Manor College.

This apprenticeship is awarded for successful completion of a two-year course that requires a high level of commitment and dedication from keepers and employers.

Keepers work towards this qualification in their own time, alongside their day-to-day work as it is designed to complement all of the areas of this job.

This course enables keepers to further their knowledge in all areas of zoo animal management including general husbandry, nutrition, legislation, conservation, and visitor and stakeholder engagement.

This important course also includes the opportunity to focus on the management of their chosen types of animals and to carry out a specialist research project on a subject that is linked to their work.

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