Conservation at Woburn Safari Park

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Session Outline

This talk explores the long history of conservation on the Woburn Estate, which started with the deer park in the 19th Century and continues with the Safari Park today.


  • Pupils will have an understanding of what conservation means and how zoos and safari parks play a vital role in conserving species from across the globe.

  • The pupils will explore the reasons why animals become endangered and why conservation is needed.

  • They will understand the work of organisations in the UK and overseas to help conserve species in the wild and in captivity.

Curriculum Links

Science (KS3)

  • Relationships in an ecosystem

Science (KS4)

  • Ecosystems
  • Evolution, inheritance, and variation

Geography (KS3)

  • Place knowledge
  • Interactions and influence of humans on the natural environment.

Geography (KS4)

  • Interactions and influences of humans on the natural environment
  • Global ecosystems and biodiversity – Sustainability

History (KS3)

  • Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901
  • A local history study

History (KS4)

  • The study of the historic environment: Focussing on one particular site in its historical context.