Who eats whom?

Rhino with large horns grazes in grassy enclosure

Session Outline

This session will outline the differences between animals who eat meat, plants, or both.

Children will understand the terms 'carnivore', 'herbivore', and 'omnivore'. They will look at how their teeth help them eat.

With the use of artefacts and pictures, the session will also look at how certain animals hunt, and how prey protect themselves from predators. KS2 will also learn a basic food chain.



  • Understand the terms 'carnivore', 'herbivore', and 'omnivore'

  • Understand how animals are adapted differently to help them find and eat food

  • Understand the importance of camouflage

Curriculum Links

Science (KS1 & 2)

  • Animals, including humans
  • Living things and their habitat