Habitats and Adaptions - Grasslands

Image of lion cubs dec 2019 woburn safari park 6

Session Outline

This session introduces the term ‘habitat’ with a detailed look at the ‘Grasslands’ habitat in particular.

Children will understand what basic requirements animals, including humans, need in their habitats to survive.

The session will briefly look at other habitats found in Africa, including rainforests and deserts, to show how habitats can vary. Children will learn that animals are adapted to the habitat they live in.

Using animal artefacts, the session will use examples of animals found in African grasslands to show adaptations of different animals from the same habitat.


  • Understand the term ‘habitat’

  • Understand the basic requirements needed within a habitat to help animals survive

  • Understand how different animals have different adaptations

  • Understand the importance of camouflage

Curriculum Links

Science (KS1)

  • Animals, including humans
  • Living things and their habitat

Science (KS2)

  • Living things and their habitat
  • Evolution and inheritance

Geography (KS2)

  • Locational knowledge
  • Human and physical geography