Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Skin

Image of woburn safari park tiger dec 2019 13

Session Outline

Using a range of our animal artefacts, children will be encouraged to touch and describe what animals they think they belong to.


The session will inspire children to think of different adjectives and adaptations the animals have, covering key words such as herbivore, carnivore and camouflage.


  • Encourages the use of different adjectives to help describe animals

  • Understand how animals can be grouped according to similar characteristics

  • Understand how different animals have different adaptations

  • Understand that looking at an animal’s skin can help them identify which class they belong to

  • Understand the importance of camouflage

  • Understand the terms ‘carnivore’ and ‘herbivore’

Curriculum Links

Science (KS1)

  • animals, including humans
  • Living things and their habitat

Science (KS2)

  • Living things and their habitat