Evolution and Adaptations

Baby monkey sits between two adults grooming themselves on a log with trees in the background

Session Outline

During this talk, we will discuss what adaptations different animals at Woburn Safari Park have, why they need them and how they have come about, using artefacts from real animals.

We will explore the theories of Charles Darwin, and think about extinction in the past and the effect of humans on this today. 


  • Pupils will have an understanding of how animals are adapted to their particular environment.

  • Understand the concept of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest in evolution.

  • Think critically about extinction both as a natural phenomenon and enhanced by man. 

Curriculum Links

Science (KS3)

  • Genetics and Evolution

Science (KS4)

  • Evolution, Inheritance, and Variation

Geography (KS3)

  • Interaction and influence of humans on the natural environment

Geography (KS4)

  • Global ecosystems and biodiversity – Sustainability