Endangered Species and the Law

Side profile of tiger against blurry background of bushes and reeds

Session Outline

During this talk, we will discuss endangered species and how the law adds protection to different species across the globe, including many kept at Woburn Safari Park.

We will think about the human impact, including the reasons why animals may be traded or trafficked across the globe.

As well as the ways humans are trying to protect animals through awareness-raising, working with local communities, and legal protection put in place across different countries.


  • Pupils will have an understanding of the levels of vulnerability of species and what it means to be endangered.

  • They will understand why animals become endangered and what is put in place to protect them.

  • They will understand the local and global impact of animal trafficking and the role of zoos and safari parks in helping to protect animals from becoming endangered.

Curriculum Links

Geography (KS4)

  • Interactions and influences of humans on the natural environment
  • Global ecosystems and biodiversity – Sustainability