Birds of Prey

Image of burrowing owl woburn 2 2157 (4)

Session Outline

Meet the predators of the air, with a bird of prey talk at their aviary. This outdoor session includes the discussion of owl adaptations and provides children with the opportunity to learn about the equipment used to train and fly our birds. The use of animal artefacts such as a range of feathers will be used, which children can touch.


  • Understand the term ‘habitat’

  • Understand the basic requirements needed within a habitat to help animals survive

  • Understand how different animals have different adaptations

  • Understand the importance of camouflage


Curriculum Links

Science (KS1) 

  • Animals, including humans
  • Living things and their habitat

Science (KS2)

  • Living things and their habitat
  • Evolution and inheritance

Geography (KS2)

  • Locational knowledge
  • Human and physical geography