Animals in Danger

Three adult and one baby elephant graze on branches and grass with their trunks against a backdrop of trees and bushes

Session Outline

Children will learn about the main threats that endangered species currently face and will be able to understand how extinction can occur if they are not protected.

The session will include the use of our animal artefacts where children will be provided with the opportunity to touch these and discuss illegal wildlife poaching.

The children will also learn about the endangered species living here at Woburn Safari Park and ways that they can help protect them and their habitats.


  • Understand what an endangered species is

  • Understand how certain human activities can impact the planet

  • Understand measures humans can take to help reduce our impact on the planet

Curriculum Links

Science (KS2)

  • Living things and their habitat

Geography (KS2)

  • Human and physical geography

Citizenship (KS2)

  • Preparing to play an active role as

Citizens (KS2)

  • Breadth of opportunities