Animal Olympics

Cute otter lays on its back with its paws up laying on some grass

Session Outline

To compare the physical/ mental abilities of animals to humans using practical and theory-based challenges.

Equipment: 3 tape measures, 3 stop watches


  • To put animals’ size/ speed/ strength and problem-solving skills into perspective.
  • Compare the average person to the average animal.
  • Explore whether different species compare differently.

Curriculum Links

  • Working scientifically

    • Make and record observations and measurements using a range of methods for different investigations, and evaluate the reliability of methods and suggest possible improvements


    • Differences between species


    • Speed and the quantitative relationship between average speed, distance, and time (speed = distance ÷ time)


    • Identifying types of fitness
    • Exploring the effect of exercise on the body
    • Exploring how muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones influence movement.