Animal Health and Wellbeing

Bongo looks at camera from behind tree with grass and trees in the background

Session Outline

Using an example of animals kept at Woburn Safari Park, this talk will cover all aspects required for the continued health and wellbeing of animals.

We will look at enclosure design, nutrition, breeding, and veterinary checks.

The importance of both staff and animal training will be discussed and why it is so important to get all elements correct, including the ethical responsibility of keeping animals in captivity.


  • Pupils will have a greater understanding of the responsibility involved in keeping healthy animals at a collection such as Woburn Safari Park.

  • They will understand the importance of knowing the animal you are working with, taking into account all parts of its adaptation and evolution, in order to care for it correctly.

  • They will have the opportunity to plan an enclosure of their own for a particular species, using the knowledge obtained from the talk.

Curriculum Links

Science (KS3)

  • Relationships in an ecosystem; developing a line of enquiry based on observations of the real world

Science (KS4)

  • Ecosystems; interaction of living organisms with communities and ecosystems, the adaption of living organisms to their environment.